THE LOADED DOG by Henry Lawson

In the outback of Australia two centuries ago there wasn’t much technology as there is today .  People were not sophisticated in comparison to those who lived in the cities.

The people who lived in the bush such as Dave, Jim and Andy lived simpler lives and even ate simply. Their life was tough, they had to struggle and persevere to survive and keep control of their lives.

Their food was mainly potatoes, chops, bread and dripping and fish.  The fisherman caught fish and used to barter the left over fish with meat from the butcher.

Tommy, another character in the story was a young dog who tried to make friends with everyone. as puppies do.   He carried the cartridge for the miners in his mouth. David called him a” crimsoned fool”. Tommy the young dog persevered in many ways like his owners.  He would not give up when he had the cartridge in his mouth. Tommy was also having fun with the workload.  In some ways Henry Lawson is suggesting that if you live in the bush, it’s tough and you never give up even if you don’t find gold or fish. Apart from the dogs working hard they also protected their owners fiercely.

When the weather was stinking hot a cat died and was found by a dog.

The dog liked to swim with humans to cool down.

there was a yellow dog that was vicious and used to bite.  This dog later died.

There were some other dogs that were physically disadvantaged such as  a missing eye or missing legs.

Most of the dogs liked to follow after people and were even quite dangerous.

Unlike the city slickers who earn a wage for their work and live comfortably, the people in the country worked like dogs!  The people in the country are fully aware that if things are not done properly, something could go wrong , even cause a fatality.  For example like Tommy’s death when he was playing with a cartridge. When Tommy blew up, the other country folk laughed which shows they had a black sense of humour.
















William Shakespeare’s Mistress

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is not always about physical appearance. Different people have different values of what they perceive as beautiful.

William Shakespeare loves her and is making comparisons about her beauty.

One could conclude by this comparison that perhaps his mistress is not beautiful, but he finds her incredibly attractive.

In my opinion, beauty is deeper than the skin or its color. People possess qualities that are beyond the physical and these qualities can make them beautiful!


5/ What is the joy that kills? Describe how you understand this key idea in the story.

Joy is a overwhelming, intense and quite passionate feeling. The emotion of joy when the disappointment of receiving heartbreaking news of someone who has been rescued, such as the news of  the loss of a loved one, can be too much to bear. This can be so intense that there can be a lack of self control of emotion that may be disastrous in giving someone a heart attack. It can be overwhelming!

There was a moment that she felt relieved that he was gone and could move on with her life.  That moment was brief!  She felt both sadness and joy that there was another chapter in her life. The reality that you cant move on can be frustrating and can lead to anxiety.

In conclusion I believe sometimes we need self control of our emotions which can have devastating consequences and can even be deadly for example sometimes we need anger management techniques to deal with our emotions.









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